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Board of Directors

Executive Directors

Mr. Lim Lai An (林來安先生), aged 53
Executive Director and Chairman

Mr. Lim, the founder of our Group, is the chairman of the Board and an executive Director.He is responsible for the overall corporate development and strategic planning of our Group. Mr.Lim has extensive experience in the plastic industry and has been engaging in such business for over 30 years. Mr. Lim was appointed as an executive director of Changhuat Corporation Berhad, his familyowned business, on 17 June 1997. He has acquired technical and operational knowledge, through involvement in all aspects of business set-up and day-to-day operation during his tenure with Changhuat Corporation Berhad. In 2003, Mr. Lim left Changhuat Corporation Berhad and spent his time and resources to build our Group to its present day. 

Ms. Lim Hui Bian (林惠敏小姐), aged 32
Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer and Compliance Officer

Ms. Lim is the chief executive officer of our Company and an executive Director. Ms. Lim, has been serving as the Vice President of Global Business Development of our Group since February 2013. She is responsible for the developing and implementing the strategic sales and marketing plans, looking for new marketing opportunities and liaising with existing customers. Ms. Lim graduated from Monash University in Australia with a degree of Bachelor of Business and Commerce in September 2005. She started her career in November 2004 as a Senior Program Manager of Toyoplas Shanghai until December 2014. She assumed her position as the Global Business Development Director in December 2012 and was promoted to Vice President of Global Business Development in February 2013.

Mr. Jan I-Chuan (詹益權先生), aged 55
Executive Director and Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Jan is the Chief Operations Officer of our Company and an executive Director. Mr. Jan joined our Group in November 2005 and has been serving as the President of Toyoplas Shanghai since November 2005. He is responsible for the overall management of the operations plan for Shanghai, Dongguan and Malaysia production facilities and the overall management, marketing and implementation of policy of our Group. Mr. Jan has been engaging in the plastic industry for over 30 years. Mr. Jan graduated from the Minghsin University of Science and Technology in Taiwan with a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering in June 1986. Prior to joining our Group, Mr. Jan had been working as a vice president of Foxlink Image Technology Co., Ltd. from 15 April 1998 till 13 November 2003 and then acted as a vice president of Hongyi Precision Industry Co., Ltd. from 1 November 2003 till 1 October 2005. Subsequently, Mr. Jan had served as the President of Toyoplas Shanghai from November 2005 to December 2012 when he assumed his position as the Chief Operations Officer of our Company thereafter.
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We organise our manufacturing processes into moulds engineering division and precision plastic components manufacturing division.
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